Evelop A350-900 EC-NBO Positioning Flight.

Airbus A350-941 MSN293, Evelop Airlines EC-NBO, positioned Valencia – Barcelona as E9306P this morning in order to operate E91307 Barcelona – Seville.

China Eastern Airlines A350-900 B-307Y MU5128 Shanghai Pudong Diversion.

Airbus A350-941 MSN291, China Eastern Airlines B-307Y, operating MU5128 Beijing Capital – Shanghai Hongqiao (depart Beijing Capital 20th April) diverted to Shanghai Pudong in the early hours of this morning. After nine hours on the ground the aircraft positioned Shanghai Pudong – Shanghai Hongqiao as MU9004 then returned to service operating MU5103 Shanghai Hongqiao – Beijing Capital.

Cathay Pacific A350-1000 B-LXH Returns from Kaohsiung.

Following its technical diversion yesterday, Airbus A350-1041 MSN258, Cathay Pacific B-LXH, departed Kaohsiung late this morning continuing yesterday’s diverted CX521 Tokyo Narita – Hong Kong, routing Kaohsiung – Hong Kong as CX521D.

Delta A350-900 N501DN DL27 Minneapolis-St Paul Diversion.

Airbus A350-941 MSN115, Delta N501DN, operating DL27 Atlanta – Seoul Incheon diverted to Minneapolis-St Paul in the early hours of this morning. The diversion appears to have been medical. Crew did not have sufficient hours to reach Seoul Incheon so a new crew was sourced and the aircraft operated Minneapolis-St Paul – Seoul Incheon this afternoon as DL27A.

Qatar Airways A350-900 A7-ALW QR548 Delhi Diversion.

Airbus A350-941 MSN114, Qatar Airways A7-ALW, operating QR548 Doha – Amritsar (depart Doha 16th April) diverted via Delhi in the early hours of this morning due to weather at Amritsar. The return QR549 operated with a five hour delay as QR549D.

Asiana Airlines A350-900 HL8360 Delivered.

Airbus A350-941 MSN234, Asiana Airlines HL8360, was delivered Toulouse – Seoul Incheon this evening as OZ860D. The aircraft is in 28J/283Y configuration and wears standard Asiana Airlines livery. This brings the Asiana Airlines A350-900 fleet up to eight aircraft.

China Eastern Airlines A350-900 B-307Y Delivered.

Airbus A350-941 MSN291, China Eastern Airlines B-307Y, was delivered Toulouse – Tianjin Binhai this afternoon as MU9001. The aircraft is in 4F/36J/32W/216Y configuration and wears standard China Eastern Airlines livery. This is the fifth A350-900 for the airline.

Qatar Airways A350-900 A7-ALX Returns from Manchester.

Following the technical issue it encountered on 4th April, Airbus A350-941 MSN126, Qatar Airways A7-ALX, departed Manchester early this afternoon operating the delayed QR28 Manchester – Doha of 4th April as QR28D.

Singapore Airlines A350-900 9V-SHE Delivered.

Airbus A350-941 MSN294, Singapore Airlines 9V-SHE, was delivered Toulouse – Singapore in the early hours of this morning as SQ8895. The aircraft is in regional 40J/263Y configuration and wears standard Singapore Airlines livery. This is the 33rd A350 delivered to the airline.

Ethiopian Airlines A350-900 ET-AWM Delivered.

Airbus A350-941 MSN289, Ethiopian Airlines ET-AWM, was delivered Toulouse – Addis Ababa late tonight as ET9201. The aircraft is in 30J/313Y configuration, is named Rome and wears standard Ethiopian Airlines livery. This brings the Ethiopian Airlines A350-900 fleet up to eleven aircraft.

China Airlines A350-900 B-18908 Returns from Sydney.

Following the technical issue it encountered on 2nd April, Airbus A350-941 MSN121, China Airlines B-18908, departed Sydney late tonight operating the delayed CI52 Sydney – Taipei Taoyuan of 2nd April as CI52D.

Cathay Pacific A350-1000 B-LXK Delivered.

Airbus A350-1041 MSN296, Cathay Pacific B-LXK, was delivered Toulouse – Hong Kong this evening as CX3510. The aircraft is in 46J/32W/256Y configuration and wears standard Cathay Pacific livery. This is the eleventh A350-1000 for the airline.

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